Low Calorie Dishes

January 16, 2019

Less is Mao!

Light on calories. Heavy on flavour.

Looking to eat clean this new year? Good news! Sacrifice the calories without giving up any of the flavour with our selection of lighter dishes, Less is Mao.

Find our low calories dishes on our menu by looking for the ❤️ symbol.

Less than 650 calories

Chilli Chicken Ramen- 400 cals
Sliced, marinated and grilled chicken breast on egg noodles with pak choi, bean sprouts, pickled ginger and spring onion in a chilli herb broth
Yellow Vegetable Curry- 574 cals
A medley of butternut squash, baby corn, red onion, mushrooms, mangetout, mixed peppers, chillies and spring onion in a yellow curry sauce
Five Spice Chicken- 571 cals
Five spice marinated chicken, stir-fried with mixed peppers, red onions, button mushrooms, and spring onion in a Thai basil chilli sauce. Served on wombok and crispy noodles
Mao’s Asian Green Extreme- 450 cals
Mixed vegetables and Asian greens wok-fried with vegetable oyster and soy sauce, baby corn, red onion and carrots
Thai Aromatic Chicken Salad- 470 cals
Mao’s delicious classic salad of chicken marinated in yoghurt and mint, served on a bed of herby mixed leaves, topped with frizzled sweet potato and cashews. Tossed in Mao’s house dressing
Prawn & Avocado Salad- 464 cals
Light refreshing salad with prawns, avocado, tomato, red onion and coriander. Served with a wonton pastry
Vietnamese Noodle Salad- 518 cals
Flat rice noodles served with your choice of duck, chicken or calamari, tossed with cucumber, shredded white cabbage, carrot, fresh mint, coriander leaves and garnished with pan-fried shallots in a lime, chilli and sesame dressing

Less than 750 calories

Pad Thai- 653 cals
One of the most popular street foods in Thailand. Rice noodles with crunchy bean sprouts, coriander, peanuts, hot, salty, sweet and sour flavors with chicken and prawns
Sweet & Sour- 703 cals
Meat of choice with mixed peppers, red onions, pineapple, crispy shallots and spring onion in our own recipe sweet & sour sauce
Singapore Noodles- 731 cals
Singapore on a plate! Noodles flavoured with Indian and mild Malaysian curry spices, with chicken, prawns, bean sprouts, pak choi, sesame seeds, cabbage and spring onion
Teriyaki Salmon Fillet- 747 cals
Grilled Teriyaki marinated salmon fillet served on a bed of steamed mixed greens with toasted sesame seeds

Clean eating made easy with Mao!

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